Tips For Hiring A Professional Contractor For Exterior Painting In Denver

Today, a lot of homeowners tend to hire contractors to do their exterior painting in Denver for them. This is due to the fact they need knowledge and skills of the professional contractor in every aspect of the job, from the preparation of the surface to the cleaning-up of the walls. Quality exterior painting is not something you can do all by yourself. It is a very challenging task for DIYers.

Compared to doing the exterior painting by yourself, hiring a contractor take care of your exterior painting in Denver will give you enough time that you can invest in other things. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the tips you need when hiring a contractor for your exterior painting in Denver.

Specify the Job

In order to get an accurate comparison of quotes, all the contractors on your list must be quoting for the same job. Make a list of the job you want them to do, specify exactly where you need the exterior painting, the color of paint and gloss level that you want, and when you want the job to be completed. This way, you’ll be able to determine the contractor that can meet your specific needs.

The Protection of Your Assets

Find out from the contractor how they will protect the area around the place they are painting. For instance, if you have plants around the exterior of your home, find out from them how they plan to protect the plant during the painting of the exterior. Also, find out how fixtures (such as security light or camera on the wall) will be protected during the exterior painting in Denver.

The Timing of the Job

Find out from the contractor what the duration of the job will be. When will it start and end? How many people will handle the job? And what could be a possible remedy if the job isn’t completed on time? Sometimes is good to prepare for the worst-case scenario even though it is unlikely. So you need to find out if they have alternative plans should in case the job is not completed within the stipulated time.


Find out if there is a warranty on the job. If the warranty covers both the labor and the materials or only the labor. Find out the duration of the warranty and what would be the solution if the paint fails. It is very important you find out all these before signing a contract with the contractor.


You can ask your family, friend, coworkers, or neighbors for the contact of any experienced painting contractor they know. Find out from them if the contractor has worked for them before and how satisfied they were with the job. Every contractor has its own flaws, but if they give you flaws that outweighs their benefits, then it is time to move to the next contractor.


Is the contractor responsive when it comes to picking or returning calls and keeping to appointments? If the contractor has a very slow response before the contract, then don’t expect any improvement after the contract. So make sure you choose a contractor that is responsive.


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