Restoring This Old House, Denver PT 2

Restoration Denver In last weeks’ blog post, we revealed two tell-tale signs that now (not later) may be the right time to restore your home’s exterior: the paint is peeling and the color needs correcting. Many of the historic homes in Denver were built prior to or just after the turn of the 20th Century, so preserving them to their original glory takes a little extra TLC. Here are the final two signs that now may be the time to restore the exterior of your home. #3: Details are deteriorating. When you look at the exterior of your home, what do you ... Read More

Restoring This Old House, Denver PT 1

Denve Historic Home Restoration Historic homes built in Denver in the late 1800s through the 1940s have a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining the exterior. Homes built during this time were constructed much differently than they are today – from roofline to the foundation (and everything in between) – which gives older homes “character” that is often absent in new construction.   More often than not, what makes owners fall in love with the home in the first place is its architectural design. Those exterior details are not only what you want to preserve, but also what you want to ... Read More

Lead-Based Paint Can Safely Be Removed to Restore the Natural Beauty of Brick

Denver Historic Brick Restoration History is often buried under many layers, and much effort must go into uncovering it. So, too, with historic architecture. Homes often look most appealing when restored back to their natural state, with beautiful, strong brick upholding the exterior of a structure. But years of people updating with paint often hides the original material. Lead paint removal is a process that is made easy with Peel Away 1, a product developed by Dumond Chemicals to safely remove lead paint and restore brick to its natural state. Peel Away 1 is a thick alkaline paste which is applied by the contractor ... Read More

Peel Away Paint Remover – Our 1st Choice for Architectural Paint Stripping

Peel Away Paint Remover Peel Away is actually a line of about 10 paint stripping products that remove multiple layers of paint in each application. They are not classified as hazardous and they are not caustic, nor do they emit fumes or are they made up of flammable solvents. Peel Away is the only safe and effective alternative to paint removal products containing hazardous chemicals and solvents PEEL AWAY paint remover works on almost all surfaces, wood, brick, concrete, plaster, steel, iron, fiberglass, etc. PEEL AWAY easily adheres to vertical or overhang surface. Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. Particularly suited for ... Read More