Spring Has Sprung – Exterior House Painting

Denver Exterior House Painting The most important step in exterior house painting does not involve a paintbrush or a paint roller. In fact it doesn't involve paint at all. Preparing the surface of your home prior to painting will make or break your exterior paint job. It is rarely the paint itself that fails over the years but rather the adhesion of the paint to the surface below or substrate. The #1 reason paint fails to adhere is because the surface to which it was applied was either dirty, wet or was loose itself. Or possibly all 3. So making sure your paint surface ... Read More

Denver Exterior Painting – DIY

Denver Exterior Painting DIY After years and years of harsh weather and making it through the four seasons homes can often begin to look beaten down and older than they actually are. One of the most common signs of an old home is paint that may be chipping or wearing off the exterior of the home. Chipping or peeling on the outside walls or shutters of your home can make the overall appearance much less desirable, and in many cases harder to get appraised or even sell. When living in a city such as Denver, the constantly harsh winters can begin to take its ... Read More

Denver Exterior Painting Tips

Denver Exterior Painting Granted, paint always increases the beauty and value of any property, but it definitely does more than that. One of its primary purposes is to help protect and maintain the house, making sure that dust, dirt, and moisture don’t immediately seep into the house, causing its early deterioration. When it comes to painting the exteriors, therefore, you need to remember the following: Prepare for it. The lack of preparation usually means one thing: disaster. There are definitely some surprises along the way—e.g., the painting doesn’t match the house theme, but when you’ve come prepared, you can easily find the ... Read More

Exterior Painting – The Latest Trends

Exterior Paint Exterior paints change over time and over the last few years exterior painting has made some some drastic changes. Color schemes have totally changed. The monochromatic colors are continuing to fade making room for much bolder colors which can be muted with exterior trim for the desired effect. Homeowners are different in the way they choose exterior painting colors. Many prefer to paint their home every year and change with the trends; others would rather find a dependable color and stick with it for many years. No matter what your style is, there are many more acceptable and popular choices ... Read More

Preparing For Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting Denver You should spend some time examining your home before you decide to paint it. This is how you should address the situation in order to provide your home with the glamour it deserves. Remove Mildew Among the many problems that mildew will cause to your exterior paint are peeling, blistering and chalking. Water leaks for instance will bear discolored patches, and mildew and rot as well. Specialists from the Paint Quality Institute instruct that you should remove mildew with a solution consisting of three parts water and one part bleach. This mixture needs to be placed on the surface and ... Read More

Professional Denver Exterior Painting

Elastomeric Exterior Paint Denver exterior painting professionals and contractors are usually challenged by various conditions or requirements that differ from one project to another. Throughout the last few years, Denver exterior painting professionals have been able to successfully accomplish thousands of projects and overcome several challenges. Most contractors agree that the most popular factor that needs to be considered in these projects is the location. Geographical differences can be very apparent when it comes to construction, painting styles, and the preference of materials. For example, Denver is known for being the home of stuccos exterior and these substrates usually require primers or top ... Read More

Exterior Paints – So Many to Choose From

Denver Exterior Paint These days, manufacturers have created a variety of exterior painting products for an assortment of projects and painting problems. Whether your painting concrete block or need a protective coating for raw wood you can be assured a paint manufacturer somewhere more than likely makes it, and you can easily find a Denver painting  contractor to apply it. Below you will find a list of exterior painting products followed by information regarding the type of paint, solvent, coating or filler. Oil Based Paint Oil Based Paint contains pigments usually suspended in oil (normally linseed oil), a drier, and mineral spirits or some ... Read More