Exterior Painting – The Latest Trends

Exterior Paint Exterior paints change over time and over the last few years exterior painting has made some some drastic changes. Color schemes have totally changed. The monochromatic colors are continuing to fade making room for much bolder colors which can be muted with exterior trim for the desired effect. Homeowners are different in the way they choose exterior painting colors. Many prefer to paint their home every year and change with the trends; others would rather find a dependable color and stick with it for many years. No matter what your style is, there are many more acceptable and popular choices ... Read More

Preparing For Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting Denver You should spend some time examining your home before you decide to paint it. This is how you should address the situation in order to provide your home with the glamour it deserves. Remove Mildew Among the many problems that mildew will cause to your exterior paint are peeling, blistering and chalking. Water leaks for instance will bear discolored patches, and mildew and rot as well. Specialists from the Paint Quality Institute instruct that you should remove mildew with a solution consisting of three parts water and one part bleach. This mixture needs to be placed on the surface and ... Read More

Professional Denver Exterior Painting

Elastomeric Exterior Paint Denver exterior painting professionals and contractors are usually challenged by various conditions or requirements that differ from one project to another. Throughout the last few years, Denver exterior painting professionals have been able to successfully accomplish thousands of projects and overcome several challenges. Most contractors agree that the most popular factor that needs to be considered in these projects is the location. Geographical differences can be very apparent when it comes to construction, painting styles, and the preference of materials. For example, Denver is known for being the home of stuccos exterior and these substrates usually require primers or top ... Read More

Exterior Paints – So Many to Choose From

Denver Exterior Paint These days, manufacturers have created a variety of exterior painting products for an assortment of projects and painting problems. Whether your painting concrete block or need a protective coating for raw wood you can be assured a paint manufacturer somewhere more than likely makes it, and you can easily find a Denver painting  contractor to apply it. Below you will find a list of exterior painting products followed by information regarding the type of paint, solvent, coating or filler. Oil Based Paint Oil Based Paint contains pigments usually suspended in oil (normally linseed oil), a drier, and mineral spirits or some ... Read More

Denver Exterior Painting – Increase the Value of Your Home

Exterior Painting in Denver Painting the outside of your house is a great way to improve the look and feel of your Denver home. The popularity of exterior painting in Denver is increasing. It does wonders for people who are looking to sell their homes. Exterior painting adds a new layer of life to your house and gives off a vibrant look appealing to the eye of the public. You can find a number of exterior painters in the local Denver area. Changing the outside color of homes today has become a common place. Others prefer to stick to one solid color. ... Read More

Restoring Your Historic Denver Home

Denver Historic Home Restoration There's nothing more exciting than going through the actual experience of owning your own historic home. The best part is when you are able to engage in home restoration. When you restore your home, historic home or not, it makes you feel good. Let's face it, it's quite an accomplishment. You can do this anywhere in the United States, such as places like Denver, Colorado. In addition to the fact that Denver is a great place to live, the historic home renovations in the city of Denver are growing in numbers. You will feel good about yourself once you start ... Read More

Why Hiring a Professional For Your Denver Exterior Painting is The Smart Choice

professional painters in denver A new coat of paint can help you bring your home alive. You can change the color scheme, make it look new again and fix all the minor signs of wear in the process. It's like choosing a new outfit for your house and hiring a professional can help to ensure your exterior painting job is completed in the best possible way. There are many companies that say they can paint your home, but not all of them come with the professional experience you need for this type of project. Just imagine if the project goes wrong and you end ... Read More