Deck Refinishing Denver

denver deck refinishing While Denver has a four-season climate we usually find many ways to enjoy the weather, if you were a deck you’d have a different story to tell!  Weather is hard on decks and refinishing them is just one of the costs of having them. In order to preserves the value of the deck, cleaning and resealing it will prove necessary. Typical wear and tear can include any or all of the following: Discoloration & Stains Mildew Growth Protruding Screws or Nails Fixing those problems is something you can actually do yourself or, of course, you can hire in ... Read More

Denver Deck Restoration

Denver Deck Restoration The winter season in Denver can be intense and unforgiving, especially when it comes to the wear and tear put on outdoor decks. Over years of snow and ice followed by the melting process throughout the spring, decks have a lot of stress put on them. Year after year, this stress can add up and begin to make your deck look dilapidated, old, and in extreme need of replacement. An old worn out deck can make a home seem to be unkempt and can actually have a negative impact on the overall home value. So while deck replacement may be ... Read More

Denver Deck Refinishing Tips

Deck Refinishing A beautiful, well maintained, and refinished deck can always enhance the overall look of your home, especially your yard. It allows you to maximize yard space, makes your home appear bigger, and gives you more reasons to invite friends and family over for barbecues and casual parties. In the summer, the deck can be an amazing very quick getaway for the family. But how do you exactly refinish the deck? Make sure you do it as soon as possible. Refinishing doesn’t just give wood shine and luster. It also helps seal the wood so moisture doesn’t get through ... Read More

Extend the Life of Your Deck

Deck Refinishing Denver If your patio or deck is looking old, tired and worn out, it's time to think about that much needed deck refinishing project. Based on the extent and nature of the damage you'll either have to just refinish or undertake a full restoration to bring back the original luster of your deck. Given below are the main steps you will need to undertake for the project. Fixing the Problem Areas The first thing you'll need to do for the deck refinishing project is to check for problems and fix them. Some of the issues may be hardware and nails sticking ... Read More

A Beautiful Deck is a Great Investment

Deck Restoration Homeowners spend thousands of dollars each year on decks in Denver. These additions to homes help to beautify the property. They provide an outdoor retreat when the weather is enjoyable for family get-togethers or BBQ's and other social gatherings. Don’t let that initial investment of having the deck built to go to waste. Denver homeowners see some of the most beautiful weather in the country. But winter snow and water can have a devastating effect on wood decks. Invest in deck refinishing in Denver. Some Denver deck refinishing companies offer a full line of services to meet the needs of ... Read More

Spring Cleaning For Your Deck

Denver Spring Deck Cleaning Spring is right around the corner! Before you move your deck furniture out, you should check your deck for safety. You may need to restore and protect your deck so you can get the most out of it during the spring and summer months ahead. Look your deck over for loose fasteners, nails and screws that stick up. These should be hammered or screwed down securely. Look closely for Loose or rotting wood and be sure to check your railing for cracking or splitting. If there are no problems found, you may only need to clean your deck to ... Read More

Deck Discoloration? Denver Deck Restoration is the Solution

Deck Restoration Denver If you love owning a deck for entertainment, but it has become discolored over the years, you can use a company in Denver that specializes in deck restoration to bring it back to life. Your deck is an inviting place for entertaining friends, family time together and relaxing outside in the peace of nature. You can continue to enjoy your deck for many years, once restored. Maybe your deck just needs a few minor repairs and a good coat of deck paint or maybe it needs some major work. Either way, the right company can bring your deck back to ... Read More