Steel Rig Mats

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Steel Rig Mats

Compass Access Solutions LTD is who you can turn to for the best steel rig mats in Alberta. We offer standard and custom-built mats for every application. For example, our steel rig mats are available in frame only or fully assembled. Our mats come with winchable ends and D-ring lifting shackles (shackles are optional). We can also create your mats according to your size specifications and with ramped ends.

The Difference Between Steel and Timber Rig Mats

Timber rig mats and steel rig mats each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, steel mats are usually much stronger than timber mats, but timber mats are more flexible. Steel mats are more durable and tend to last longer, but timber mats are usually a bit cheaper. There are other differences as well. The kind of mats that you use will depend upon a variety of factors, including the landscape you need to access, the amount of weight and the type of equipment you will be hauling across your mats, and several other factors as well.

Get a Quote with Our Convenient Mat Calculator

If you need assistance in finding the right kind of mats for your job, don't hesitate to ask one of our experts. We are available by phone or by email. You may also feel free to utilize the mat calculator on our website. Just enter your information and click Submit. Once your information is uploaded, a representative will get in touch with you within one business day. Be sure to tell us the best means by which and the best time to contact you. To learn more or to speak to a representative now, request a quote online, send us an email, or call us during normal business hours.

Customize Your Rig Mats

Our steel frame rig mats are heavy-duty and are capable of handling the most punishing of loads. Our standard sizes are 8ft by 20ft and 8ft by 40ft. Of course, we are glad to customize any size rig mats to meet your specific project needs. We can create a mat with or without shackles, 3-beam or 4-beam mats, and even ramped ended rig mats to suit your needs. We truly are the number one provider of high-quality rig mats in all of Alberta. Not only do we exceed in terms of quality, but our prices are out of this world also.

The Best Rig Mats in the World for Sale or for Lease

All of our steel-framed rig mats are available for sale or for rent. Gas and oil companies in Canada use most of our mats, but our steel mats are ideal for many different applications. You can rely on our rig mats to do the job every time. All of our steel rig mats are constructed by expert welders who use only top quality materials, and each rig mat is manufactured in a controlled environment. Contact Compass Access Solutions LTD to learn more.

Steel Rig Mats
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