Historic Home RestorationIn last weeks’ blog post, we revealed two tell-tale signs that now (not later) may be the right time to restore your home’s exterior: the paint is peeling and the color needs correcting. Many of the historic homes in Denver were built prior to or just after the turn of the 20th Century, so preserving them to their original glory takes a little extra TLC. Here are the final two signs that now may be the time to restore the exterior of your home. #3: Details are deteriorating. When you look at the exterior of your home, what do you see? Is the caulking around the windows crumbling? Are the molding details deteriorating? If so, these are all signs that you should consider restoring your home now rather than later.
Historic Denver RestorationJust like with any house, you want to maintain the protective coating on your home so it remains weather-tight. Historic homes don’t have the benefit of modern-day exterior finishes, such as vinyl or fiber-cement siding or stucco. The exterior was constructed out of wood or brick, and although these materials are durable, rain, wind, snow and even UV rays from the sun can weaken and deteriorate them. Once the seal of your home is cracked, moisture and insects can get inside the walls causing further damage – that usually goes unnoticed until a major repair is needed.
Denver RestorationFurthermore, preparation on these homes is a delicate process. Steps are being taken to preserve the original pieces (where we can) and duplicating pieces that can’t be saved. This work is very much a hands-on approach so that the details can be saved so that your home may remain “true” to the time period in which it was built. #4: Original beauty is concealed. Historic homes in Denver have often had a few alterations done to them by prior owners that aren’t true to the character of the home. As the current homeowner, if it is your desire to return the home to its natural beauty, it may be time to hire a restoration contractor.
Restoration DenverMany options will allow you to return the exterior of your home to its original glory. Vinyl siding can be torn down and the original wooden siding can be restored, and even the paint on brick homes can be removed through a specialized process. Everyone has a different budget, wants, needs and vision for their home, but it is your contractor’s job to make it right – to your specifications. Keep in mind that the better a home is maintained, the better the original character of the home can stay intact. Keep these tell-tale signs in mind so you may preserve the legacy of your home for your family and community to enjoy for decades to come. DOWD Restoration has restoration experience from repairing weathered, worn and damaged structures to recreating historic architecture to both private homes and commercial properties. Refurbishing a timeworn, derelict or mistreated piece of the past and renovating it for future generations to relish is tremendously satisfying work. Let DOWD Restoration help you with your next historic restoration project!