Denver lays claim to one of the richest chapters in American history and for this reason it boasts some of the most cherished historical homes in the whole country. Historic Home Restoration beforeEveryone knows the satisfactory feeling of seeing a beautifully restored historic home. Equally known is that crestfallen disappointment when stepping into a house that once displayed a spectrum of artisans’ contribution only to see the decades of slathered paint covering the once-prized custom woodwork and worse yet the iron works too! That unique customization is the very reason that sets the house apart from the other properties of its day not to mention it being distinguished when measured alongside the houses we now build. Picture the stairwell, with those gorgeous dark walnut handrails, the beaded ceiling work, French windows with window seats, dado & picture rails, one-of-a-kind cornices, and the ‘Gone With The Wind’ details that were prominent on every front porch. That porch was the special place where folks ‘lived outside’ and communed with those who passed by or stopped awhile to share small town gossip along with a tall glass of iced lemonade. Historic Home Restoration afterIf you have one of these prized homes, no matter how little or how much of the original work remains, you’ll want to preserve every bit of it. It’s priceless. Not only is it, in a way, a piece of recorded history, it is, in some cases, a national treasure. Putting your mark on it, your family home becomes the heirloom of housed memories. Think of how you cherish the home of your childhood and for some, the selling of Mom & Dad’s house, is a bittersweet experience. Memories were made there and there they’ll remain. There are so many choices that await you when it comes to deciding how, exactly, you’re going to improve your house. Basically there are 3 usual directions, as well as a full range of combinations of those three, that you may choose from. Hiring an experienced Historic Home Restoration company in Denver, who knows what to expect in these historic properties and how to properly restore them, will deliver a very satisfying finish.


This literally means to ‘bring back’ the original building. You can be as strict or as relaxed as is your preference. We say “they don’t build them like that anymore” and it’s true…likewise, it’s vital when selecting craftsmen & engineers to work with and you’ll need to ensure that they actually know how to bring back these uncommon historical features and that they know the methods that were used to create them in the first place. Some Denver Historic Home Restoration projects have the basic features restored back to the original and then they integrate a more contemporary feel in both the kitchen and bathroom. No one would ever suggest that the Unsinkable Molly Brown had a dishwasher or a hot tub! When homeowners mix the old with the new, they sometimes elect to add historical elements not found in the original. It can very much enhance their living experience as well as add value to the house. An experienced designer knows how to blend your additional creative concepts so that it becomes a part of the whole and does not stand apart from the whole by drawing the eye. A brief survey yields the information that the demographic drawn to restoration projects are often connected in some way to the ‘green movement.’ After all, it’s a fair comment, that the greenest house is the one that’s already built! It’s so good that many home owners in the Denver area are preserving and renovating these historic properties.


This is the method applied when the structure or form of the historical home is modified. Walls can be added or taken down, dormers can be added to enlarge the living space of a room, attics can be transformed into spare rooms or office spaces, and a common ordinary porch can be developed into the full scale romance of a wraparound version of the same. Coving can be added or removed. Good engineers will bring with them creative solutions so that complex design problems are minimized. They will conduct a thorough structural analysis before a nail is hammered in or a single board is added or removed.


This is the best known and is the most affordable method put to use when tackling home improvements. It usually involves repainting, and often with a whole new color palette. The best advice would be to explore the full range of techniques and innovative painting methods before making firm choices. An array of very affordable painting designs & textures are now featured in online YouTube videos. Check out the unique history that belongs to Denver before you decide on redecorating. Textiles and soft furnishings, to include window dressing, can be changed out or brought out by the addition of the new colors on the walls, windowsills, and other woodwork. New lighting can work magic in any setting. Working a ‘light’ theme can also have mirrors strategically placed to reflect and bounce available natural light to darker corners of the room. DOWD Restoration has restoration experience from repairing weathered worn and damaged structures to recreating historic architecture to both private homes and commercial properties. Refurbishing a timeworn, derelict or mistreated piece of the past and renovating it for future generations to relish is tremendously satisfying work. Let DOWD Restoration help you with your next historic restoration project!