Residential Interior Painting in Urban Denver

Denver Interior PaintingDenver’s skyline is unlike any other in the United States. High rises stabilize the horizon while other buildings give the skyline a sense of completion. Home types in urban Denver vary greatly from area to area. Condos, apartments, lofts, and single family homes are available to those looking to move into the area. Here at Dowd Restoration, we help homeowners and renters improve the interior of their home, regardless of the size or scope of the project. Interior painting has the ability to transform a room or the entire interior of a home to create whatever the homeowner wishes. Neutral colors such as white, tan, or gray are a clean slate by which homeowners may base the theme of a single room or their entire home’s decor. Paint is very versatile, and allows homeowners to change the look of the interior of their home as often as they wish. Accent walls are the perfect way to bring attention to one specific area of the home. Many homeowners choose to display a specific piece of artwork or create an entertainment area with a wall-mounted television. Whatever you choose to do with your accent wall, we would be glad to help make it spectacular.

Painting Your Condo or Apartment

Many renters choose to paint the interior of their apartment in effort to be different. Some apartment building managers do not allow tenants to change the wall color, so check with your landlord before you start making plans. Apartments and condos are very popular living spaces in urban Denver. We often paint apartments and condos in Denver for property management companies. Give us a call to discuss the details if you’d like to have us paint your apartments or condos as they become available for new occupancy.

Painting Your Loft

Lofts are often thought of as, apartments that builders did not bother to finish, but we must disagree. We love the convenience and intimacy a loft provides. Painting your loft may be a simple task if you have a lot of open space, as most do. You may choose to paint opposing walls different colors to create a completely unique look. *Rentersalways check with your landlord before hiring a residential interior painter.

Residential Interior Painting for Your Home

Single-family homes are a desired commodity here in Denver. The city continues to grow, and many older homes are demolished to make room for high-rise condos or apartments. While we understand the need for growth, we also thoroughly enjoy working with owners of single-family homes who wish to create a truly unique home. We have a great deal of experience working with historic homes in Denver. The interior painting process is slightly different with historic homes, especially during a restoration project. We truly enjoy helping Denver homeowners transform their home into a work of art while updating with new, vibrant colors, or restoring a historic home to its former glory.

Residential Interior Painting Services Include

We regularly work with Denver homeowners who own older Victorian style homes. We often test for lead based substances such as older paint, and remove it as necessary. We also provide the following services:
  • Whole Room Painting (Multiple rooms where needed.)
  • Custom Wood and Wall Finishes
  • Baseboards and Crown Molding
  • Staircases, Ballasts, and Railing
  • Custom Painting Projects
  • Historic Restoration

Interior Painting Specialists in Urban Denver

We broke several different home types into categories because we wanted to reassure you that we are aware and experienced with interior painting in different types of homes. The most important part that we strive to keep in mind during every project is the simple fact that whether you’re in an apartment, a loft, or a single-family home – it’s your home. Our goal is to create the visual effect you desire on the interior of your home. Thank you for visiting our website. Check out our video gallery to get some ideas on how we can help you create the perfect interior paint scheme for your home. Also take a look at what our clients have to say about us before you leave. Give us a call at 303-522-8730 if you’d like to discuss your project with us at any time.