Rainguard International Improves Curb Appeal

Rainguard International believes in good old fashion customer service for architects, homeowners and contractors unlike what is often found in this fast paced world today. They are dedicated to manufacturing protective coatings and barriers for the exterior of  all size buildings that can be applied both horizontally and vertically. Their product line includes waterproofing, stain, elastomeric and graffiti control for building materials such as wood, stone and blocks. All of Rainguards’ products are affordable plus safe for the environment and come with a warranty.

rainguard penetrating water sealerRainguards’ water repellent line includes Micro-Seal, Blok-Lok, Floor-Lok, and Super Stucco. Rainguards’ sealers will be absorbed deep into the surface so they will look new for years to come making them affordable. Even though the repellent seeps into the buildings’ exterior the coating allows the building to ‘breath’ so moisture does not get trapped. Rainguard’s water resistant products are water based making them easy to use with no need for special equipment and easy clean up. They dry clear with no yellowing or issues with UV lighting.


The masonry and wood sealer products made by Rainguard are Plugger 10 Acrylic Water Repellent, Plugger 25 Acrylic Water Repellant, Satin-Lok ‘Wet Look‘ Acrylic Sealer, Clear-Seal Low Gloss Acrylic Urethane Sealer and Clear-Seal High Gloss Acrylic Sealer. The masonry and wood sealers are also water based so they are simple to use and a breeze to clean up with no training needed for the homeowner or contractor looking to update the look of a home orbuilding. Due to the fact that Rainguards’ masonry and wood sealers ability to adhere to the surface is fantastic there is very little chance of peeling due to weather even years down the road. Traditional finishes like flat sheen for the water resistant sealer and high or low gloss for heavily traveled areas are available but so is a ‘Wet Look’ gloss.


rainguard water sealerThe line of Rainguards’ water based acrylic concrete coating systems are Cool-Coat Tec-Top, Tec-Top Elastomeric Waterproofing, Hydro-Lok XP Elastomeric Waterproofing, Hydro-Lok PH+ Acrylic Masonry Coating, Color-Lok Heavy Traffic Urthane Stains: Solid Color, Color-Lok Heavy Traffic Urethane Stains: Semi-Transparent, Color-Lok Silicone Stains: Solid Color, Color-Lok Silicone Stain: Semi-Transparent and Toner Reducer Acrylic. These concrete coating systems were developed to help solve tuff issues that are commonly found when working with any concrete. These waterproof systems will help improve the look of the structure that they are applied to as they fill in the cracks hiding minor imperfections that would otherwise be visible. The acrylic barrier will stretch with the block due to climate changes and air from the building is allowed to escape. The weather will not cause Rainguards’ long lasting concrete systems to chalk or fade. They are environmentally friendly and available in most any color.


Anti-Graffiti Systems are another great product line made by Rainguard which includes:


VandlGuard, VandlGuard One System, VandlGuard Five System, VandlGuard Ten System, VandlGuard Finish Coat, VandlClean Super, VandlClean Spray and VandlTop Sacrifical. The Anti-Graffiti products can be used inside or on the outside of a building. They are trouble-free to put on with an effortless clean up because they are water based. Anti-Graffiti Systems require no out of the ordinary knowledge to use them. There is no measuring ingredients needed to be combined in order to use. They are ready to be used right out of the can. Anti-Graffiti Systems can used on a wide variety of building materials and can be cleaned over and over as needed due to vandalism, restoring the beauty to a property.


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