The winter season may be over, but the effects of its snow and ice have been left on the exterior paint of your home. House painting is one of the most important home maintenance projects you can do for spring in Denver. House painting and caulking helps protect your home from weather damage caused by water, sun, snow and ice. Neglecting obviously peeling exterior paint can lead to high siding replacement costs. The condition of the exterior paint also helps determine a home's value. If the exterior painting of your Denver home reflects a high level of care, a person looking to buy a home will be more confident that other areas of your home have been given the same kind of careful attention. Denver House PaintersThere are a multitude of things to consider when house painting your Denver home. The experts at Dowd Restoration have provided exterior painting service for hundreds of homes and help clients make the big decisions about exterior paint color. Our Experts help clients select exterior paint color by teaching them about different color combinations, how colors reflect styles and how to make a house look distinctive and fit in its surroundings. At Dowd Restoration, our experts will begin the painting service by prepping the house. They begin with a good, clean power wash, which removes loose paint, helps to provide good adhesion, and applies a prime coat to any raw wood. Depending on the client, caulking would be next and is normally done for all wood siding and wood trim, and special kind of patch for stucco. The last part of the prepping process is completely covering all windows and surfaces that shouldn't receive paint, as well as covering the perimeter of the home with drop cloths or shields. The house is now ready for exterior painting. House Painters DenverA fresh coat of paint can get your house sparkling for spring, but it doesn't have to stop there. Dowd Restoration also offers:
  • Deck Restoration
  • Deck Coatings
  • Waterproofing
  • Sheet Rock Repair
  • Specialty Finishes
When you pull into your driveway each day, instead of thinking about the house painting that needs to be done, it's time for you to call Dowd Restoration. At DOWD RESTORATION we not only do a great Denver house painting job at a great price, we believe that its the “little” things that can make a BIG difference in your overall satisfaction, whether you are selling your Denver home or plan to live in it for decades to come. House Painters in DenverCall Us – 303-522-8730