As I walked up the weathered and worn steps leading to the deck of an immaculate home, it was apparent that the once beautiful Redwood had been neglected for far too long. The call I had received was for a make-over of an existing Redwood deck. With just a glance his well trained eye could pick out several issues that needed plenty of extra attention. Some boards were twisted and warped from rain and water damage. The fungus progression, including algae, mold and mildew plus ground-in dirt together with stains from food spills and grey appearance of age could not be missed. I pointed out the safety issues the homeowner had missed. Denver Deck Restoration Warped BoardsThe screws that were lifted could not only cause a cut but it was a real possibility that someone would trip and fall causing a serious injury. Add into the mix a board or two had signs of starting to rot. This restoration job would definitely be best to be handled by a professional contractor specializing in wood deck restoration and deck refinishing like Dowd Restoration. During my meeting with this Denver homeowner, I intended to show the deterioration from UV exposure and moisture which had been the main cause of problems with the splintered wooden deck floor. My plan to refinish the faded wood surface using an insecticide to protect the wood in ground contact or water contact installations from termites and other wood-destroying insects with an environmentally friendly product. With a vast amount of experience, I knew my options on how to do the repairs needed to preserve the surface of the deck lengthening the life span and increasing the value of the home. Of course it was a given that a good penetrating stain  would be used to prevent water and moisture absorption in the future aiding the protection of the wood. As each problem that I had pointed out was resolved, the homeowner felt more comfortable with the knowledge that this deck specialist contractor possessed. It was plain to see that Dowd Restoration has the experience to do the job right and was looking out for the homeowners’ best interest.   It was determined that some boards would need to be replaced, but the end results would be much more affordable than removing and rebuilding from scratch, saving both time and money. Denver Deck Restoration Replace Boards A Redwood or exotic hardwood deck is an investment and favorite gathering place for your family and friends. It allows for extra outdoor living space providing room for a party or additional kitchen space to grill on those beautiful Denver summer days. Knowing how much the family would use this area year round once restoration was complete and to bring back the curb appeal increasing the value of the home. The best part is that after Dowd Restoration finishes fixing this deck there will be very little yearly maintenance needed allowing the owners more time to enjoy it.

Denver Deck Restoration Finish

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