Denver Paint Removal Peel Away is actually a line of about 10 paint stripping products that remove multiple layers of paint in each application. They are not classified as hazardous and they are not caustic, nor do they emit fumes or are they made up of flammable solvents. Peel Away is the only safe and effective alternative to paint removal products containing hazardous chemicals and solvents" PEEL AWAY paint remover works on almost all surfaces, wood, brick, concrete, plaster, steel, iron, fiberglass, etc. PEEL AWAY easily adheres to vertical or overhang surface. Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. Particularly suited for removing paint from carved and intricate detailed surfaces, interior moldings, and window frames. It is also especially suitable for plain or ornate plaster walls or ceilings, brick, concrete, stucco, softwoods, i.e. pine, cast iron, steelwork, marble or fiberglass. Denver Home Restoration The system includes a paste that is spread over the surface to be stripped. This paste is then covered with a fibrous laminated cloth, which controls evaporation, and is left on until all of the paint is dissolved. The paste stays wet for 24 to 48 hours. The laminated paper is then removed with the bulk of the paste and paint adhering to it and the stripped surface is washed clean and neutralized. The fibrous laminated paper also protects the passerby while the stripping process is taking place. Coverage is up to 40 sq.ft per 1.25 gallons package, depending upon application. Denver Peel Away Paint Removal

Clean Up

For exterior work, hosing off the residue with water can help speed up the cleaning process and anything from a simple hose to a pressure jet or steam can be used. However, pressure should be kept low on woodwork and sensible precautions should be taken to protect plant life, etc. from splash back, especially those sensitive to alkalinity. Mist surface lightly with water spray. Then with a nylon bristle scrub brush agitate surface to loosen all residue. Thoroughly scrub surface being sure to get at all crevices, grooves, cracks, etc. PEEL AWAY 1 is caustic, and requires neutralization before repainting. Rinse with PEEL AWAY® NEUTRALIZER before applying new coating. Interior cleaning can be accomplished with a spray bottle of water or pail with a sponge. Make sure surface is entirely clean of any paint/paste residue. Let dry for 24 hours before proceeding with neutralizing process for both interior and exterior surfaces. PEEL AWAY® 1 is caustic, and requires neutralization before repainting. Rinse with PEEL AWAY® NEUTRALIZER before applying new coating. At DOWD RESTORATION, we know that you have a lot of choices when selecting a professional painting contractor to complete your Denver house painting project. We provide the highest quality service from start to finish. Call Us – 303-522-8730