Interior Painting Historic HomesEveryone that has experienced the new, interior paint job, will always say ‘It looks so different!’, or, ‘Wow! And all you did was paint in here?’ When it comes to restoring and or maintaining a historical home in Denver, great care must be taken to ensure that it is not jus any paint job. Importance has to be applied to whether you are painting the interior rooms of your historical home to restore it or to transform it into a newer, more contemporary look and feel. If it’s a historic ‘restoration’ you wish to achieve, then hire a company that has knowledge, experience, and work references for exactly what you’re seeking to do.

There are so many ways to approach interior painting of a historic home

I saw a review recently from someone who had not been in their friends historic home for over a year. When he entered the home, that’s on the preservation charter, he was struck silent at how beautiful it was and said to his Host: “Whatever they charged you – it was worth every penny!” Having owned at least 3 vintage homes, I can tell you how much joy there is in getting the caked on paint off of the once natural wooden archways and French doors. Who knows why we feel that way, but I’ve not meant anyone who had any other feeling except ‘satisfied.’ Painting Historic Homes DenverThere’s no short supply of skilled craftsman who can advise you on exactly how to restore your landmark home. Denver boasts some of the nations most beautiful historical properties and the best way to maintain it’s value is to know how to treat it. The painting techniques of yesteryear are known and applied by those who restore these interiors today. The color schemes and styles that these historic homes were painted in would not typically work in our modern homes. Likewise, to simply take the styles, techniques, and color schemes of today and put them into one of these precious historical homes, would be to overlay the particular historical period, with a modernity that would not be suitable if it’s ‘historical restoration that you are wanting to achieve. Perhaps the most noted feature of these historical homes found in Denver, are the subtle details that defined the period the home was constructed in. Details, especially in the interior paint jobs, have virtually disappeared from our contemporary houses. We typically paint in monochromatic color schemes and our soft furnishings tend to define the color scheme. The historic homes you find in Denver, while being a mixture of styles, still use the walls and ceiling as a color palette, and paint them in ways we do not and cannot paint today. Gilding is definitely gone! When was the last time we saw gilding in a new home! In order to restore that sort of time-honored detail, you definitely need specialists. Getting to the wall panels in these beautifully crafted houses, you’ll note that the colors used would simply not work in our homes today…not for the most part anyway. Some of it will be due to the exquisite details of the framing of these panels, the coving that elegantly defines the walls from the ceiling. Historic Home PaintingThe use of colorful tiles was another way they ‘painted’ the walls, not to forget the murals, and the gorgeously rich ceilings. The tiles around the hearth are of particular beauty. Nothing was mass produced. Can we even imagine that now. A house, uniquely designed and constructed then becomes the only one in the world like it. Isn’t that a very good reason to call upon one of the specialists in Denver who knows how to paint the interiors of these homes? If you own one of these historical Denver houses, you are the keeper of part of our history. DOWD Restoration has restoration experience from repairing weathered worn and damaged structures to recreating historic architecture to both private homes and commercial properties. Refurbishing a timeworn, derelict or mistreated piece of the past and renovating it for future generations to relish is tremendously satisfying work. Let DOWD Restoration help you with your next historic restoration project!