Denver Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy Floor Coatings is a two-part liquid coating. Both parts combined are 100% solidified, non-solvent made materials. It's one of your best selections when coating your garage floor. It has a rugged, durable and extra lasting finish. This kind of epoxy goes through a step-by-step chemical process producing a broad, hard like area that provides a professional appearance when complete. The expense of it is higher than to just slap a few layers of paint on your garage floor. Paint will work fine if looking to paint your garage every year or two. Epoxy will give it a nice shine for up to 10 years, or longer. There are a few options for starting an epoxy floor project. You can buy a kit for around $350 and do it yourself. If you want it done right and professionally, you can hire someone who knows what they're doing. You can pick up your own materials which can be found at Costco, one of which is called EpoxyMaster, or you can order it online or find it in a local hardware store in your area. You can find decent, but not the best epoxy floor coatings in your local Home Depot or Lowes. The following 3 brands you will come across include: 1.Quickrete 2.Rust-Oleum 3.Behr The above are two-part solvents that are also available in some paint and hardware stores. Be aware that they are more water-based just like latex paint and are products that will only give you a thin coating. You lose out on the longevity of the coating. Floors coated with a real epoxy finish, comes in two parts, not one. Before you apply the chemicals, you must take the hardener and mix it with the resin to get the proper chemical make up. Although you can get a one-part epoxy, save a little more money, but be prepared to experience the lesser quality than what you originally expected. It's similar to using a water-based paint and doing your garage floors. It's not something that is highly recommended. Stick to a two-part epoxy floor coating. So if you are looking to turn your tired concrete floor into one that is scuff and stain resistant, or an indoor surface into something sleek and durable, an epoxy coating may just be the perfect investment — protecting your surface, whatever it may be, for years to come. Jim DOWD of DOWD RESTORATION has serviced the painting requirements of the Denver community for almost two decades. The focus of his business has been fulfilling the diverse ornamental and protective coating needs of our Denver clients dependably, quickly and professionally. Our workmanship is supreme and our infatuation with the little things is incomparable. Dowd Restoration is your best choice for your epoxy floor coating project!