As a homeowner, you probably love many things about your garage – from the extra storage it provides, to the protection it gives your vehicles during the harsh Denver weather. But one aspect of your garage that you probably don’t love is your dirty and stained garage floor. Similarly in our workplaces, we spend all day trudging back and forth from one area to the next, whether it is from a desk to a photocopier or from the workbench to a project – and never once do we really pay attention to the floors we step on thousands of times a day. That can all change – and you can add some “zing” to your concrete flooring – with an epoxy coating. Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy coatings bring a new, vibrant life to your once tired floor. They create a unique look to floor surfaces in the office, in industrial areas and in the home. When applied, the thick and durable layer seals the concrete – making it impervious to stains. When cured, it appears glossy – almost glass-like – which makes cleanup quick and easy. So you see, epoxy coatings aren’t just for garages. Other areas where this protective coating is often used include warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, schools, commercial areas (including restaurants), and even airplane hangar floors. In addition to resurfacing damaged floors, epoxy coatings do an excellent job of preventing further distress to floors, as its protective coating will keep any issues, such as cracks and chips, at bay. Epoxy Floor Coatings Denver Going one step further, epoxy coatings aren’t just used on concrete. Many designers are tapping into the beauty of this glass-like finish and using it in interior spaces, too. The coating can be applied to other materials such as metal, wood, plaster and drywall surfaces. So if you are looking to turn your tired concrete floor into one that is scuff and stain resistant, or an indoor surface into something sleek and durable, an epoxy coating may just be the perfect investment — protecting your surface, whatever it may be, for years to come. Jim DOWD of DOWD RESTORATION has serviced the painting requirements of the Denver community for almost two decades. The focus of his business has been fulfilling the diverse ornamental and protective coating needs of our Denver clients dependably, quickly and professionally. Our workmanship is supreme and our infatuation with the little things is incomparable. Dowd Restoration is your best choice for your epoxy floor coating project!