Commercial Remodeling can be an exhausting task that drains your bank account and zaps your energy. Hiring professionals who complete the job quickly and efficiently is important. Research is imperative when hiring a reputable Denver tenant finish company. There are a number of different types of Denver tenant finish companies. Some specialize in commercial properties while others work on manufacturing or medical offices.


Make sure they secure all the necessary licenses and permits before hiring a company to come in and do construction in your workspace. Discuss all the costs associated with the project and get a projected time line from a Denver tenant finish business. Ask for references from the company and find out if their other clients were satisfied with their work and make sure they are insured. Determine if you need a Denver tenant finish company. Tenant finish refers to changing the existing space to accommodate a new tenant or a new business. These projects typically occur inside or outside the space but don’t include any new construction or additions to the existing building or structure. For example if an insurance agent wants to move in to a storefront that was previously used by a restaurant he will want to hire a Denver tenant finish company to renovate the space and make it usable for his needs. This may include putting up walls to create offices or installing cabinets and countertops.


Your project may require a zoning permit so make sure to speak to someone from the city that specializes in building codes. There are two classifications of projects that are pertinent to Denver tenant finish companies. A minor project is generally less than half an acre. A pre-application meeting is necessary to review your plans and possibly schedule further meetings based on what changes will be made. A major project takes place on more than half an acre of land. Typically someone from the city is assigned to help you file the necessary permits and you will be required to have your site development plan reviewed. The best idea is to be in contact with someone from the city because the permitting process may vary based on the size or location of your project. The company you choose should have good reviews and should be able to provide a portfolio of previous work. Make sure they understand your vision for your space and what you want. Don’t feel pressured to go with something that does not interest you. A good Denver tenant finish company should be able to create designs using wood, concrete and steel as well as offer the finishing services to clean it up and make it look really good. Tenant finish services are available if you have industrial, medical, office, manufacturing or commercial space as well as multi-resident homes. Some tenant finish companies also extend their services to homeowners. Make sure the company you choose has someone who holds a Tenant Finish Supervisor Certificate. The certificate means that the person overseeing the work has at least 4 years of experience in the field. It is essential to get the best tenant finish contractor for your Denver business. Dowd Restoration is experienced in all phases of commercial remodeling. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate. 303-522-8730