A new Denver deck provides a warm, handsome connection with the outdoors, adding to a Denver home's beauty and setting the stage for a world of outdoor activities. But Denver decks take a lot of abuse, both from use and through continued exposure to the harsh Denver weather. After a few years, they become weathered and unfriendly without proper care. Then it is time to restore that Denver Deck.

We use premium penetrating transparent tinted coatings. They are not film forming finishes like paint, or shellac. When the Denver deck/wood is prepped properly and the penetrating deck stains are applied properly they will last for many years to come. The tint (color) acts as a UV-Ray absorbent, which inhibits the sun from discoloring the wood. Depending on your conditions you can expect all of the Denver deck stains and sealers we sell to last 18-36 months on the horizontals and twice as long on the verticals.

Reasons the majority of products fail are:

  • A product is applied too thick, over a previous coating, or a solid color stain/paint was used resulting in a film forming coating. A film forming coating is a product that does not penetrate into the Denver wood completely. A product that does not penetrate can result in premature peeling and or flaking. All of our stains penetrate into the wood.
  • The Denver deck/wood is not properly prepped for application of coating resulting in the stains not penetrating into the wood.
  • New wood is not dry and/or prepped for application of stain. You cannot stain a brand new deck/wood without a light sand and applying cleaners to open the pores.

The road to restoring a Denver deck's great looks is usually simple, regardless of the type of wood used for its construction. First you clean it, then you diagnose and treat any discoloration, then you repair and/or replace rotten wood, and last you protect the result with a durable finish.

Our typical Denver restoration process:

  • Denver Deck Cleaning

    Debris that clogs the spaces between deck boards traps moisture, encouraging mildew and rot. We blast out the debris, using a power washer that delivers 1,200 psi of pressure, we then push out remaining debris with a laminate scoring tool.
  • Denver Wood Repair/Replacement

    • Make minor repairs and replace all rotten wood.
    • Counter sink existing screws as needed and add new screws as needed
    • Sand all surfaces
  • Let the Denver deck dry for a 24-48 hours

    After washing, we must allow the Denver deck to dry for a couple of clear days before applying any finish. Then we will tape, mask and tarp.
  • Apply premium deck stain and sealer by roller and brush

    We use the best product for each situation. Though some people choose paint for their Denver decks, most choose to take advantage of the natural beauty of expensive decking woods by choosing a clear or lightly stained finish. If you do choose paint for your Denver deck, we will always use a stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer first.
  • Thorough clean up of the Denver job site upon completion

  • We will always follow up to make sure the work preformed meets your needs and expectations

At DOWD RESTORATION we are experienced in all phases and aspects of Denver interior and exterior wood restoration and staining.

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