Denver Remodeling

A Denver remodeling project can easily go very wrong if you hire unreliable contractors. This is why you should only work with a company that has been around for many years and has a long list of successful renovations and remodeling projects. You can’t go wrong with Dowd Restoration. Call us now at 303-522-8730.  

The kitchen is one of the commonly used places in a house. It is where many people spend a lot of time to eat, be with their family, socialize with friends, and do various other things, such as watch TV, read the newspaper, or even do their homework and attend to business matters. Remodeling could transform your dull, old-fashioned, or small kitchen into a more functional room for entertaining, cooking, and food preparation. But how do you know when it’s time to call a contractor in Denver for a kitchen remodeling? 
1. If your kitchen was built more than 20 or 30 years ago, then consider a complete overhaul. Kitchens from two or three decades ago were typically designed to be separate from the dining area. Nowadays, it is common for families and friends to gather in the kitchen and cook together. Even formal dining rooms could be a kitchen extension, and then the family has the option to dine in the kitchen on a typical day without important guests.
2. Do you have outdated appliances? It might be time to replace your fridge and stove top to more energy efficient models, install better ventilation and lighting, and change the location of your dishwasher and oven to make the more accessible.
3. Does your kitchen looks like your neighbor's kitchen? It is time to call a Denver remodeling contractor like Dowd Restoration and ask for their help in designing a more unique space for your specific lifestyle.
Dowd Restoration is a member of the Better Business Bureau in Denver, and a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. You can be sure that you are working with some of the most reputable remodeling and restoration specialists in Denver. Contact us through this website or call 303-522-8730 for more questions or to request an estimate.

Denver Remodeling: Top 5 Benefits Of Remodeling Your Home

Housing issues and startling accidents in the home are some reasons for Denver remodeling. Most times, people remodel their homes due to the need for more space or fresh air in the home. Whatever the reasons for home remodeling are, it offers many benefits and rewards. Whether it is a simple or complex home remodeling, you are on the benefiting side. So, if you have not decided about remodeling your home, ...

Denver Remodeling Tips For Your Home

Denver RemodelingIf you've been in your house for quite some time, you may be considering adding a couple of upgrades to it. Or perhaps you want to remodel the house because you want to sell it. Do you want move into a new apartment, and you want to do some remodeling in the apartment. Irrespective of the reason why you want to remodel your home, one thing you should ensure is ...

What To Look For In A Denver Remodeling Contractor

Denver RemodelingIf you’re thinking about making some changes in the appearance or function of your home’s interior, you’ll want to partner with a local contractor who can deliver the kind of results you expect. Dowd Restoration offer the following advice when you begin the process of interviewing contractors for the job: Hire local. It just makes more sense to work with a contractor from your own community who will be able to ...

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Denver Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you are looking to sell your home soon or simply want a more luxurious space to retreat to after a long day, a Denver bathroom remodeling can certainly do wonders for your home. Call Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730 to get started on your project. We have the skilled manpower and experience to remodel your bathroom efficiently. 

Remodeling can refresh the overall look and feel of your bathroom. A good remodeling project might be able to improve the space and the overall design of the bathroom to make it more functional and more relaxing to use. The project requires hard work, but you can easily accomplish it with the help of a Denver bathroom remodeling specialist.
A remodeling project is a great chance for you to make your bathroom more spacious and to let in more natural light and fresh air. Poor plumbing, drafty windows, squeaky floors, and inefficient light fixtures can be replaced with better and more efficient solutions. If your bathroom was too small to house a bathtub or a walk-in shower, you can have it remodeled to be bigger and more spacious, so you can have more room to move around and incorporate better amenities inside.
Bathroom remodeling can transform the look of your bathroom into something that is more appropriate to your lifestyle. A remodeling contractor in Denver can make any bathroom remodeling ideas a reality. Contact Dowd Restoration through this website or call 303-522-8730 to get an estimate or to learn more.
We are an accredited member of the local Better Business Bureau, so you can trust our track record in providing the best painting and restoration services in Denver. Dowd Restoration is also a proud member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, and we are certified by the PEA when it comes to lead-based paint removal services.

Professional And Affordable Denver Bathroom Remodeling

There's no question that when you are looking at home improvement projects, one of the primary rooms that individuals seem to remodel first is actually the bathroom. The benefits of bathroom updates have a large range, whether you're staying in your home for an indefinite period of time, or even wanting to sell it in the near future. In case it's storage, efficiency, appearance or increasing your home's market value, remodeling the ...

The Most Important Questions To Ask About Denver Bathroom Remodeling

Denver Bathroom RemodelingIf you are a resident of the Denver area and you are looking for the best contractor for your bathroom remodeling project, there are no shortage of questions that need to be asked and concerns that must be addressed before you make a final decision.That's why we have taken the liberty of creating this handy list of questions for Denver homeowners to ask about their bathroom remodeling project before ...

Your Denver Bathroom Remodeling Project

There is no better way to enhance the beauty and increase the functionality of your bathroom than ensuring a Denver bathroom remodeling work. However, it can be very tricky to find a suitable remodeling design for your bathroom. Sometimes, it is difficult to settle on the right material to use, the most appropriate style to showcase and the most suitable color to display. Along with the quality of the work done, ...

Denver Kitchen Remodeling

The living room is no longer the most used space in average American homes. That honor now goes to the kitchen. Isn’t it time you upgraded yours? Call Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730. We are the leading Denver kitchen remodeling experts and we can help you through the entire process, from design to construction.   

A remodeling contractor from Denver with expertise in kitchen remodeling can help make your dream kitchen a reality. The best kitchen remodeling contractor listens to your ideas and make useful suggestions. The result is a tastefully designed kitchen that is more spacious and functional for your needs. You can even hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to transform a room in your house into a kitchen. These tips should help you pick the right company to remodel your kitchen:
1. Look for a renowned and skilled contractor.
A good remodeling contractor must be locally known in Denver's commercial, residential, hospitality, and retail communities for doing a good job in remodeling and restoration. Professional contractors have the skills, resources, experience, and knowledge to remodel your kitchen in a timely manner as possible. 
2. Look for accreditation.
The kitchen remodeling contractor must be accredited by the Denver Better Business Bureau. Accredited businesses comply with industry standards to offer the best service to their customers. Dowd Restoration is a Denver kitchen remodeling contractor and a member of the local BBB. Consider a contractor that is a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). Be sure to verify the contractor's status with the BBB and PDCA to make sure that their membership is up to date.
3. Choose someone who is certified in lead based paint removal.
This is important especially if you have an older house that used lead-based paint. Dowd Restoration is certified by the EPA to remove lead-based paint. Hire us to remodel our kitchen, so you can be sure of safer standards and methods in removing lead-based paint in your home.
Get started with your kitchen remodeling project by requesting an estimate through this website. You may call 303-522-8730 if you personally want to speak with one of our contractors about your project.

Top Quality Denver Kitchen Remodeling

If you are considering the benefits that you will come to know by choosing a reliable and hard working company that offers the most professional and experienced Denver kitchen remodeling services available, you are probably thinking about the added value to your home that will result with the proper repairs and replacements that will take place when you select the very best kitchen renovation company. When it comes to selecting the ...

Denver Kitchen Remodeling: Seven Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Denver Kitchen RemodelingThe kitchen is one area of the home that you cannot afford to neglect. Besides cooking in it, you also eat and entertain your guest in the kitchen. If your kitchen is not spacious or modern enough, then think of remodeling. Denver kitchen remodeling gives your kitchen a more appealing look, increasing the value of your home. However, before remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things you should ...

How To Choose A Denver Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Denver Kitchen RemodelingYou can avoid a lot of problems down the line during your kitchen remodel simply by taking some time beforehand to ensure you’re working with the right contractor. If you’ve ever hired a professional on the spur of the moment, or without adequate research, you can certainly understand what kind of issues can come up along the way. Consider a few essential points consumer experts tell us can make ...

Bathroom Remodeling Denver

Sometimes, all your house needs is a simple bathroom remodeling Denver to increase its market value. It’s more prudent to get professional help to prevent costly mistakes. Dowd Restoration can remodel your bathroom while preserving important details like historical ornamental plaster or original moldings. Complete the form on our website to get an estimate.

No matter how much or how well you clean your bathroom, the floors will inevitably become grimy and discoloured and fixtures will need repair. For bathroom remodeling Denver always hire an expert. You can try remodelling your bathroom yourself, but beware—going DIY can be quite expensive because you might make mistakes that cost a lot to correct. With a professional, your bathroom will be in good hands. Professional builders can even source items for you at a discount--like the tiles, fixtures, lighting, and more. When remodelling, you need to invest in these:

  • Quality toilet. You can save a lot of money in the long run when you choose a quality toilet that is less prone to damages or breakdowns.
  • Durable flooring. Choose flooring that will not crack easily due to change in temperature or will not easily date. Examples of good choices include marble, stone, and ceramic tiles.
  • Floor planning. There are many unused spaces in the bathroom. Make good use of spaces like the top of the toilet, under the sink, corners, etc.
  • Elegant fixtures. Block-ish cabinets aren’t only dull--they take up a lot of space, too. Opt for a graceful pedestal sink instead.

If you need help in bathroom remodeling Denver, contact Dowd Restoration. We are an accredited Member of the Denver Better Business Bureau as well as the PDCA. Aside from remodelling, Dowd Restoration can also help in tenant finish, interior and exterior paintings, and historic restoration.  Call 303-522-8730 for inquiries.

The 5 Most Important Questions To Ask About Bathroom Remodeling In Denver

When a homeowner has decided to take on a bathroom remodeling project in the Denver area, they are sure to have a wide range of questions on the matter. That's why it is important to find out as much possible about the intricacies of bathroom remodeling from an experienced Denver contractor.The time has come for us to have a much closer look at the most important questions that need to be ...

How To Plan Bathroom Remodeling In Denver

Bathroom Remodeling DenverBathroom remodeling in Denver becomes a necessity at some point in home ownership. Family size, an increase in income, and a simple desire for change are common reasons for bathroom remodeling in Denver. Planning is a key element to pulling off the prefect bathroom remodel.A large part of the planning for bathroom remodeling in Denver needs to be done before you contact a company to do the job. Doing ...

Premier Bathroom Remodeling Denver Contractor

Bathroom Remodeling DenverIf you have been noticing that your bathroom is becoming more dull and unattractive as the years have gone by, it’s not a surprise. This room is probably used more than any other space within your home, including your kitchen. Unless you are a professional contractor, the specific details and workmanship that are required with the renovation of a bathroom should always be assessed and completed with the skills ...

Kitchen Remodeling Denver

Need some culinary inspiration? Maybe you need kitchen remodeling Denver. Most people find it difficult or become too lazy to cook their own meals because of their kitchen layout. Dowd Restoration can give your tired kitchen a face lift as well as a proper layout for a smoother workflow. Visit our website to see our work.  

If you are starting to lose interest in cooking in your own kitchen and just opting to buy takeaways, maybe it’s time for kitchen remodeling Denver. A new kitchen with a good floor plan can do wonders not just for the general aesthetic of your home but even your bills (think eco-friendly appliances). Here are some of the things you have to factor in for your kitchen remodeling:
  1. Budget. Make a budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to include the price of the sink and other fixtures as well as labor and costs of professional builders.
  2. Theme. Are you going for a sleek and modern kitchen with edgy counter tops and stainless appliances or more of a homey, country-style kitchen? Stick to your theme to avoid mismatched appliances and fixtures.
  3. Floor plan. Prioritize the floor plan to maximize space and incorporate good workflow in the kitchen.
To save a bit of cash in kitchen remodeling Denver, try the following:
  • Keep your gas and water line the way it is, as it is very costly to change plumbing.
  • Invest in power-saving appliances such as a refrigerator with an inverter.
  • Don’t throw away existing cabinets. They can still be repaired.
For all your kitchen remodeling needs, contact Dowd Restoration. Aside from remodeling, we also offer interior and exterior painting, tenant finish, and more. To get a quotation from Denver Restoration, fill up the secure form here on our website or call 303-522-8730. 

5 Questions To Ask Before A Kitchen Remodeling Project In Denver

A kitchen remodeling project in the Denver area can pose a number of different issues that we do not foresee. That's why it is important that we speak with a kitchen remodeling professional in the Denver area, so that we are able to avoid these problems and steer clear of unwanted drama during the construction process.If there is any confusion regarding the questions that need to be asked about kitchen remodeling ...

How To Effectively Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling In Denver

Kitchen Remodeling DenverThe kitchen is the most multifunctional room in the home. It is commonly referred to as the hub of affairs. From a typical utilitarian room to a versatile unit, this space has tremendously evolved to functioning place for preparing food, entertaining guests, and sharing meals.If you are planning to perform a solid kitchen remodeling in Denver, it is imperative to understand that your personal prerequisites are nothing without utmost ...

How To Benefit From Kitchen Remodeling In Denver

Kitchen Remodeling DenverFrom time to time, you will find that you need to make a couple of changes in your kitchen. Some people find that once they have moved into a new home, it needs to be updated. It especially applies when you have bought an old house. The tiles may have cracked. Space is limited and the design of the kitchen is sometimes frustrating. You may find that you want ...

Remodeling Denver

Thinking of selling your house? Hire Dowd Restoration for your remodeling Denver needs. First impressions last, so increase your curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint for your exterior walls and roof. Do you have an interesting historic piece in your home, like a fire place or porch? We can restore it for you. Fill up our contact form from our website for an estimate.  

If you are looking to remodel your home because are trying to sell it or just want to enjoy a better space, it is best to hire a professional. Remodeling Denver is harder than it seems. There are a lot of steps—from the planning to the actual remodeling phase and even the clean-up part. You can do it on your own but it will definitely take up a lot of your time and can cost you more money in the long run. Hiring professionals is more efficient. Here are a few tips in choosing a contractor for your home remodeling:
Hire someone with an experience of at least 3 years in remodeling.
Choose contractors that are part of national remodeling groups.
Check if they have a good record with the Better Business Bureau.
Contact references and view a portfolio if they have one.
Visit one of their job sites. This can show you how the contractor works.
Choose a contractor you can easily talk to. You should be able to comfortably communicate your wants, needs, and budget.
Denver Restoration is an accredited member of the Denver Netter Business Bureau. We are also a proud member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. For remodeling Denver we listen to our customer’s ideas and incorporate it into our work. What’s more, we will be present in all stages of the project we are managing. To see some of our previous jobs, feel free to browse our website. Denver Restoration can offer an estimate. Just fill up our secure form.

The Most Common Mistakes Made When Remodeling In Denver

While the prospect of remodeling a Denver home can be a fun one, there are those who are unaware of the all too common pitfalls. This causes them to make some of the most common remodeling mistakes in Denver. The time has come for us to have a closer look at these errors.Many of them are made with the best intentions in mind and this is important to remember. To find out more about the ...

Why Remodeling In Denver Is A Necessity Rather Than A Suggestion

Remodeling DenverRegardless of how revitalized your home may look, it is high time you consider remodelling your home if you have not made up your mind on doing that yet. There must be that one part of the home that needs renovation. Remodeling your house comes with so many advantages, but one of the most important one is that, it can enhance the way you live and make the home more ...

Top Reasons To Choose Dowd Restoration For Your Remodeling In Denver

Remodeling Denver Dowd Restoration strives for excellence in everything they do, from delivering stellar customer service to completing every project on time and within budget. Partnering with a contractor who uses the highest quality materials and products will ensure that the completed project is up to your standards. Feel free to take a look at the online testimonials highlighted on the Dowd Restoration website from real clients who are eager to ...
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