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Transform your home from four plain walls to a space where you spend your time, make memories and enjoy company. Create the space you want with Denver’s number one team of painters at Dowd Restoration. The first step to creating your perfect space is preparation. This covers everything from what color you choose to preparing the actual space.
Transforming a living space is about more than just picking out a color. Consider what you’ll be using the space for. Consider where color will work best in each room. As well, consider furnishings, artwork, and carpeting. Most important in consideration is in allowing professionals to come in and provide experienced advice. At Dowd Restoration, their years of experience in the industry have allowed them to work with countless home and business owners, which has resulted in an expertise that is unmatched in the Denver area.
When you call Dowd Restoration, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a great choice. Dowd Restoration is an accredited member of the Denver Better Business Bureau, and they understand that having work done to your home is of high importance to you. That’s why so many homeowners before you have trusted their homes to Dowd Restoration, and why you can too. Their growing client base is proof positive that they’ll handle each project in your home with care and integrity.
To transform your home from four blank walls to your dream space, just allow the professionals at Dowd Restoration to open a few cans of paint. Color can be used to change the entire feel of a room. Make a dark and dull space warm and inviting. Change a stark white room into a space that feels luxurious and romantic. Whatever you envision for your space in your Denver home, Dowd Restoration’s team of painters can help you achieve it.
Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with choosing colors or accents until after you speak with one of the qualified experts at Dowd Restoration. They can help you every step of the way so that you won’t have to worry about missing a step or making a poor color or design decision.
Once you’ve decided to leave your project in the competent hands of a professional, Dowd Restoration is just one phone call away at 303-522-8730. Begin your home’s transformation by speaking with experienced painters who can sit down with you and discuss all of your options and answer your questions. 
Whether you’re considering interior or exterior painting, you’ll want a team of painters that bring as much experience to the table as possible. Dowd Restoration understands that a good prep and high quality products will deliver outstanding and long-term results. They do not believe in cutting corners. Dowd Restoration is one of the Denver areas’s best in interior and exterior painting, deck refinishing, epoxy coatings, sealers and specialty coatings. Give them a call at 303-522-8730 to give them an opportunity to bid on your next painting project.
Denver Painters

Affordable And Professional Denver Painters

To paint the exterior of your home could significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Exterior painting also can influence the structural stability of the home and add to its resale worth. You will find a selection of reasons to use a painting contractor for exterior painting projects. Professional Denver painters have the experience and abilities required to complete projects effectively and efficiently. Professional painters take the guesswork out of painting projects. This ...

The Hard Questions To Ask Denver Painters

Denver PaintersPainting interiors and exteriors is a specialized field. There is also a bit of art and artistry involved in any painting job. Painting is a business and there are some tough questions that Denver painters should have ready answers to before you hire them. Getting satisfactory answers to the tough questions makes the painting job go easier for the customer and the painter.The tough onesHow long will the job take?The ...

Tips For Choosing The Right Denver Painters

Denver PaintersTip #1: You can avoid making some of the most common mistakes most other homeowners make when looking at the prospect of having their homes painted, simply by following the advice of consumer experts. By far, the biggest factor in selecting Denver painters is in first determining what your objectives are. In short, what exactly is the task at hand and what are your goals in hiring a painter? Once ...

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Denver Interior Painters

If you’re in search of Denver interior painters who will provide professional results to your home, look no further than Dowd Restoration in Denver. Dowd Restoration knows that interior painting, when done properly, has the ability to transform an area of your home into a work of art. They believe painting the interior of your home is more than a utilitarian function. They will give you new spaces out of old by creating with color.
Dowd Restoration understands that even the best paint in the world won’t last if the care and preparation isn’t done right before it is applied. Dowd wants to help you enhance the beauty and sophistication of your home’s interior. Their creativity and expertise can bring even the most boring room to life.
Painting the interior of your home can be very overwhelming and stressful. Baseboard trim, electrical sockets and window facings often end up looking less than professional. Once you’ve made the decision to hire expert Denver interior painters, contact Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730 to speak with someone who can answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.
Dowd Restoration is an accredited member of the Denver Better Business Bureau, and they understand that having work done to your home or business is of high importance to you. That’s why they strive for perfection on each and every project. That’s the kind of dedication they bring to the table, and why their clients have trusted their homes to Dowd Restoration for over 15 years, and you can too.
Dowd Restoration is more than just another Denver contractor employing interior painters. They are a full contracting company offering historic restoration, difficult tenant finishes, indoor and outdoor remodeling, interior and exterior painting and much more. Dowd Restoration realizes you have a lot of choices in the Denver area for interior painters. They want to earn your business by performing the highest quality work possible, to transform your home into a place of refuge for you and your family.
Your home is your sanctuary, your safe haven from all that life throws at you. The last thing you need is to return home to a messy paint job. That won’t happen with Dowd Restoration, because they respect your home as your personal space. Whether you want to paint your family room a warmer, more relaxing color, or your kitchen a brighter, more inviting color, Dowd Restoration is available year round to help bring your vision to life. In or around Denver, call Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730 to speak with one of their professional interior painters who can set up a free consultation or give you a free estimate. They’ll be happy to discuss your project ideas, even if you ultimately choose another painter.
The decision you make in hiring a team of interior painters will in turn determine the end results. Don’t waste your time or money calling around. Contact Dowd Restoration to provide the very highest quality of work and experience.

Benefits Of Our Denver Interior Painters

Whether it's for your brand new home or your apartment, or simply the old family room that's going to be remodeled, hiring well established and professional Denver interior painters is actually a must to do, especially since it is able to help you to have the painting job done thoroughly, effectively and quickly. There are many advantages as to why you should hire a professional painting contractor rather than performing it ...

What To Look For In Denver Interior Painters

Denver Interior PaintersRegardless of what you may think, all Denver interior painters are not created equally and in order to receive the best possible work, you are going to need to know exactly what to look for. Let's take a moment to talk about Denver interior painters and the traits that you need to be searching for when you are in the hiring process.By reading on to learn more about the ...

Find Great Denver Interior Painters

Denver Interior PaintersUnless you are a professional and experienced interior painter, this is a project that can soon turn overwhelming and entirely too time consuming for you to attempt on your own. Before you even get started with the actual painting, you must first think about the prep work, which includes taping, sanding, priming and several other tedious chores. You then have to consider the types of protection that you will ...

Denver Exterior Painters

If you’re a homeowner in or around Denver and are thinking about investing in the appearance of your home, you’re probably aware that there is no shortage of exterior painters who would like to take on your painting project. Before you call around and waste time and possible a great deal of money, call the professional exterior painters at Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730.
The winter season will soon be over, but the effects of its snow and ice will be left on the exterior of your home. Painting your home is one of the most important home maintenance projects you can do for spring in Denver. Exterior painting and caulking helps protect your home from weather damage caused by water, sun, snow and ice. Neglecting obviously peeling exterior paint can lead to high siding replacement costs. As well, the condition of the exterior paint also helps determine a home’s value on the market.
At Dowd Restoration, their experts will begin the painting service by prepping your house. They begin with a good, clean power wash, which removes loose paint and helps to provide good adhesion. Once the home has been professionally prepared, quality exterior paint will be applied. 
A fresh coat of paint can get your house sparkling for spring, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Dowd Restoration also offers:
- Deck restoration
- Deck coatings
- Waterproofing
- Sheet rock repair
- Specialty finishes
- Much, much more
At Dowd Restoration in Denver, they not only offer the services of their expert exterior painters at a great price, they also believe that it’s the little things that can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction, regardless of whether you’re selling your Denver home or plan to live in it for decades to come.
There’s probably not another single home improvement project that will add more enhancement and value to a given property than painting. Now, there’s the sort of painting that just covers over the painting job that preceded it and there’s the painting that further enhances what was there before. All the aesthetics, color, pattern, texture- all of it matters and it will either distract from or attract the right attention.
The professional exterior painters at Dowd Restoration in Denver are dedicated to providing professional services to home and business owners. Whether you’re searching for a contractor who can provide historic restorations, difficult tenant finishes, indoor and outdoor remodels or interior and exterior painting, Dowd Restoration is a full service contractor who can provide all of these services.
It’s no secret that a freshly painted home is more attractive than one with chipped or peeling paint. Spruce up the exterior of your home with new, updated colors before you put it on the market for better results. Dowd Restoration’s exterior painters will help you choose the best colors for your home, neighborhood, and landscape. 
No matter what you choose to do regarding the exterior of your home, Dowd Restoration’s professional exterior painters are up for the task. No job is too big or small and no challenge too great. Call Dowd Restoration any time at 303-522-8730.

The Best Denver Exterior Painters

It is a sensation of pride in ownership, a means to allow your true personality to shine through on the blank canvases which are the walls in your home. And so obviously, you would like to keep on that same artistic expression on the outside of the home, as well. But do you realize that while painting your home's facade is actually enjoyable, staining or painting the exterior surfaces can also ...

Why Not All Denver Exterior Painters Are Good For Your Job

Denver Exterior PaintersGetting reliable Denver exterior painters is not that difficult because virtually all Denver exterior painters offer great and reliable services. In fact, Denver offers some of the best exterior and interior, residential and commercial painters nationwide. Some of the general qualities of Denver exterior painters have been outlined right below.They offer experienceThey are nothing but highly experienced house painters and they offer the highest quality painting services. They don’t ...

Home Improvement Project- Why You Need The Services Of Denver Exterior Painters

Denver Exterior PaintersDo you need a paint job for the exterior of your home in Denver? Home owners hire Denver exterior painters for different reasons. The color may be fading, the paint peeling or it could just be time give your home a new look. However, you need to decide if you require the services of professionals or if you should do this project on your own. If you are used ...
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