Denver Deck Restoration The deck outside your back door is more than a place to store your barbecue grill and umbrella table. It's an outdoor living space where you relax, entertain and dine. Maintaining your deck is a smart move that helps keep you and your guests safe and protects your investment. Safety A properly maintained deck is not only beautiful, it's safe. Any structure made of an organic material like wood is flexible. Your deck is constantly expanding and contracting. Freezing temperatures, ice, snow and heat make your deck move even when there's no one on it. Outdoor activities and foot traffic cause your deck to flex and rebound. All that movement puts stress on the fasteners that hold your deck together. Over time, the boards on your deck loosen up, creating a tripping hazard for you, your family and your guests. An important part of maintaining your deck is making sure it's safe. Process There's more to deck refinishing than slapping on some stain. Done right, deck refinishing involves a number of steps:
  • The entire deck is inspected for loose fasteners.
  • Nails and screws are set so they don't stick up.
  • Loose or rotting wood is repaired or replaced.
  • Cracked and splintered railings are repaired or replaced.
  • All horizontal surfaces are sanded.
  • The entire deck is pressure washed.
  • Premium stain is applied.
Color Part of the fun of having your deck refinished is that you can change the color if you want to. Durable exterior deck stain comes in a variety of natural, beautiful hues. You can add vibrant color to your outdoor environment or make your deck fade into the landscape -- the choice is yours. Oil-based and water-based deck stains put a scuff-resistant, skid-resistant finish on your deck boards. A deck can be a garden, a kitchen or a dance floor. Your deck represents a significant investment, and deck refinishing adds value to your home. Enjoy a properly maintained deck season after season, and help your home retain its value.