Interior Painting – Attention to Detail!

Interior Painting Interior painting can be a way to add value to your home without spending a lot of money. A fresh coat of paint can change the entire look of a Denver home. Whether you want to brighten up a historic home or trying to choose colors for your new home, Dowd Restoration can help! Custom Colors are our specialty! We will work closely with you to choose the products and colors best for your project. Do the Prep Work Interior painting can be a very meticulous and detailed process. The most important element of any interior painting project is ... Read More

Denver Tenant Finish Services

Tenant Finish It is difficult to find a better local Tenant Finish specialist to complete a large scale commercial project that can match the knowledge and experience of the Tenant Finish Services team at Dowd Restoration. When it comes time for a commercial remodel, many business owners are too afraid of the risk and hassles that can come with a Tenant Finish Project, and rightly so. If you don’t pick the right Denver Tenant Finish Service, the process can be painstaking. It is very important to understand the Tenant Finish process and to work with a team that has experience in ... Read More

Historic Home Restoration – Repair Those Historic Windows!

Denver Restoration Contractor Historic home restoration contractors are often approached by homeowners who want to replace their old windows. Many times this is the first item on their list when they begin to restore an old house. They figure the old windows are drafty and hard to open and close. The reality is they are correct. However, replacing the old windows for new is rarely the best option and here are the reasons why. First of all, it is hard to stress enough the contribution that original windows make to the over all look of the historic home. Original historic windows have the ... Read More

Quality Denver House Painting

House Painters in Denver The winter season may be over, but the effects of its snow and ice have been left on the exterior paint of your home. House painting is one of the most important home maintenance projects you can do for spring in Denver. House painting and caulking helps protect your home from weather damage caused by water, sun, snow and ice. Neglecting obviously peeling exterior paint can lead to high siding replacement costs. The condition of the exterior paint also helps determine a home's value. If the exterior painting of your Denver home reflects a high level of care, a person ... Read More

Remodel Your Denver Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Denver When you have decided you need to remodel your Denver Kitchen, it is time to consider the kitchen style. The visual and practical aspects of selecting kitchen appliances and your choice of cabinets and materials should reflect your personal style. Start formulating your ideas and style preferences by looking through magazines and manufacturers’ brochures, or browsing the internet. Compile a portfolio of pictures of products that would suit you. Before making any decisions, ask to see samples and visit kitchen showrooms to obtain ideas on different kitchen styles. Convenience is key in a modern kitchen style. A slew of hi-tech ... Read More

Improve Your Denver Home – Paint It!

Painters Denver There’s probably not another single home improvement project that will add more enhancement to a given property than painting. Now, there’s the sort of painting that just covers over the painting job that preceded it and there’s the painting that further enhances what was there before.  Then there’s the paint that slathered on without any attention whatsoever as to what the property should have in the way of a new paint job. A good paint job could be compared to the frame that is put around a painting and then hung on the wall.  If there is not consideration given ... Read More

Commercial Remodeling Denver

Commercial Remodel Creating a new space in your commercial property, be it a facelift for an existing space or a remodeling of your current commercial space.  It should be a process that is exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. There are a few steps, that if taken, can ensure a hassle free process by minimizing the inconvenience for both you and your customers and evoke less interruption for your production and subsequently not impact your cash flow. Hopefully the renovation project you undertake is one you chose to accomplish and not a remodeling project foisted upon you due to the unfortunate incident of either ... Read More