What to Expect – Denver Interior Painting Contractor

Denver Interior Painting First of all you should expect prompt arrival of the foreman and crews ready to tackle your project. On the first day your foreman should walk the job with you, discuss the best approach and cover any final details. The foreman should communicate with you on a daily basis to keep you informed of their next move. A crew should be present everyday until your project is completed. You should expect the crew to move the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with protective plastic. They should remove all items from the walls, including electrical plates, ... Read More

Make a Space Your Own with Interior Paint Denver

Interior Paint Denver A room is much more than just four walls you happen to live between. A room is a place where you spend your time, making memories, enjoying company, or even working. So, why not make each room a representation or your life and style? Create the space you want with interior paint Denver and let your rooms come alive. The first step to creating your perfect space is preparation. This covers everything from what color to paint to preparing the actual space. Transforming a space is about more than just picking a new color for the walls. Consider what you ... Read More

Interior Painting Denver – Transform Your Space!

Interior Painting Denver Have you recently considered taking your space to the next level? Are you in need of a new creative space? Want to refresh the look of your kitchen or highlight a particular feature? Have you considered professional interior painting in Denver? The advice and expertise of interior painting professionals in the Denver area might be exactly what you need to spruce up a tired space. Before you commit to painting your space on your own, you should take note of any tricky areas. Make sure to tape off any baseboards, trims, window sills, door frames, and light fixtures. Be sure ... Read More

Denver Interior Painting Professionals

Denver Interior Painting Professionals To transform your home from four blank walls to your dream space, just open a few cans of paint. Color can be used to change the entire feel of a room. Make a dark and dull space warm and inviting. Change a stark white room into a space that feels luxurious and romantic. Whatever you envision for your space, Denver interior painting professionals can help you achieve it. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with choosing colors or accents or even furniture in your space until after you speak with one of the many qualified experts at your local painting or ... Read More

Home Remodel – Don’t Bust Your Budget!

Home Remodeling Spending too much money is the biggest fear when it comes to a home remodel. Even if you follow your original plan and budget, there are always nasty surprises that can bust your budget! So what is the answer? Do you not get those stainless steel appliances for your new kitchen? No, what you need to do is get your custom remodel at a price you can afford. And not by cutting corners, either. With some careful planning in your design and materials you can reduce costs without cutting corners. Here are some ideas; If you can reorganize ... Read More

Historic Preservation – Restoration Carpentry

Historic Preservation There’s nothing quite like the beauty of the old Denver home. Built into the landscape rather than on it. Coddled by large trees and hills. These homes speak of proportion and symmetry, scale and form. We love restoring Historic Denver Homes! Combining vintage woodworking techniques with an intimate knowledge of local historic architecture, we are able to provide repairs that seem to disappear into the original historic wood. Careful conservation of original historic wood is the most cost effective way to preserve the unmistakable beauty of Denver historic buildings or to harmoniously introduce new woodwork into an existing structure. We ... Read More

Spring Has Sprung – Exterior House Painting

Denver Exterior House Painting The most important step in exterior house painting does not involve a paintbrush or a paint roller. In fact it doesn't involve paint at all. Preparing the surface of your home prior to painting will make or break your exterior paint job. It is rarely the paint itself that fails over the years but rather the adhesion of the paint to the surface below or substrate. The #1 reason paint fails to adhere is because the surface to which it was applied was either dirty, wet or was loose itself. Or possibly all 3. So making sure your paint surface ... Read More