Homeowners spend thousands of dollars each year on decks in Denver. These additions to homes help to beautify the property. They provide an outdoor retreat when the weather is enjoyable for family get-togethers or BBQ's and other social gatherings. Don’t let that initial investment of having the deck built to go to waste. Denver homeowners see some of the most beautiful weather in the country. But winter snow and water can have a devastating effect on wood decks. Invest in deck refinishing in Denver. Some Denver deck refinishing companies offer a full line of services to meet the needs of homeowners who need to their deck brought back to its former glory. But refinishing a deck in Denver can be a tedious job and it’s best to hire professionals with good reviews and thorough knowledge. Signs that your deck may need to be refinished are warping, mildew and greying, splintering and sun damage. This list is not inclusive and it’s best to get a professional opinion. If your deck doesn’t look as good as the day it was installed then it has probably incurred some damage. The first thing that goes into refinishing a deck is evaluating the condition of the wood. Some wood may be beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Wood with cracks, splinters and holes will probably be pulled up and replaced. Snowy days in Denver leave plenty of dirt residue. Denver deck refinishing will require a power washing of the wood to get it clean. Make sure that whoever you hire knows how to properly operate a power washer. You don’t want to find paint or siding torn from your home or etching in the wood because someone didn’t operate a power washer properly. Any existing stain will be stripped from the wood also. At this point your wood will need to dry out. You can’t apply stain to wet wood. Denver deck refinishing is not a short process, but it is worth it. Once the wood deck is clean and dry the rest of the process can be completed. Sanding will further remove imperfections and give the wood a smooth feel and softer appearance. Sanding removes any splinters, dirt or stain that was not removed during power washing. While you are receiving your deck refinishing in Denver, ask your technician if he will be putting down grit on top of the wet stain. Grit gives the stain a texture and will prevent it from being slippery when it gets wet. After sanding this is the time any repairs should be made. Loose nails can be taken out and replaced with deck screws. The deck should be blown off with a shop-vac before any stain is applied. Ask the technician how many coats of stain he will apply. Two coats are preferable for appearance and to lengthen the life of the wood. A seal can be applied on top of the stain to help lock in the color and prolong the life of the wood as well.